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Redundancy is redundant.

This line is also redundant.

This paragraph exists for redundancy - you know, in case another one disappears, we have one extra to replace it with. Smart, eh?

History of Redundancy in the Past[edit | edit source]

Redundancy was created in England in 1806, when somebody from Great Britain came up with it. It has been around ever since and has never gone away. Studies have shown that repeating yourself and re-iterating your points causes people to better understand what you're saying, and also to know what you mean. These studies have been proven by Dr. A. Abrams, and had their legitimacy confirmed by Adam A., Ph.D.

Manipulating Redundancy to Your Advantage in Ways That Help You[edit | edit source]

The underestimated usefulness of redundancy can never quite be properly hypothesized. Students of this craft are scholars to the field and will likely enjoy much success and prosperity. By mastering indirect repetition, you are perfecting circuitous vocalization of ideals and conveying expertise to those in your presence. This puts you above them on a pedestal.

Future Redundancy to Come[edit | edit source]

It is vital for us to continue the important tradition of passing redundancy on to our youth. Our offspring will one day understand this art for the greatness behind it, and when our children comprehend it to its fullest, they too can dwell in this craft.

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