RuneScape Poem

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I like playing RuneScape,
I play it every day
Apparently I fail at life
Well, that's what people say
I'm Level 97
With 99 Attack
And if you say anything mean
Your account, I shall hack
If I see a n00b ask
For lots of st00f that's phr33
I'll show him my full dragon
And he'll stop bothering me
People say I should quit this game
"That guy plays RuneScape, look!"
Well I will play until I die
So my balls you shall suck.
I don't care if I don't get laid
I don't care if I get fat
'Cause I just got 99 Summoning
Now I can summon bats.
I just got banned for hacking
I can't play RuneScape now
Well I don't even give a s**t
I guess I'll go play WoW.