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Man, Shut the f*** up.

You heard me.

Shut up.

Yep, yep. You keep on talking. Talk talk talk talk talk.

Fuckin blabbermouth.

Hey, hey. I don't know about you, but I didn't get a memo declaring today "National TALK Day".

You're giving me a headache.

Do you even hear me?


This is bullshit.

Are you deaf or something?


Listen to me!


I'm trying to ignore you.



Oh my god; SHUT THE FUCK UP.

I can't deal with this...

This is so annoying.

I am trying to get your attention.

Obviously it's not working.

We need to get you a hearing aid BECAUSE YOU'RE DEAF!

You're retarded.

Nurse: Mr. Johnson, here are your medications.

Mr. Johnson: Thanks. Can you get this guy to shut up?

Nurse: The meds will help with that.

Nurse walks out of room

Other Nurse: So he just tells the air to shut up every day?

Nurse: Every day...