Saint Ronnie Reagan

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Saint Ronnie Reagan is the Holy GOD of the Republican Party. He shrunk government down to the size of a bathtub.[1]. He was a champion of family values.[2] His economic policy, Reaganomics, brought much prosperity.[3] Reagan also had an excellent career out of politics.[4]. He was always a champion of American conservatism.[5] He tore the Berlin Wall down with his bare hands.[6]

Reagan is considered the ideal candidate for the 2012 Presidential election.[7] He will be resurrected by the Sean Hannity Restore America Group.[8]

Some liberal talking out of his ass[edit]

  1. But, the federal deficit, debt, welfare programs, and other stuff exploded in size under Reagan
  2. But he divorced his first wife.
  3. But they were merely handouts to the rich!
  4. He was a crappy actor.
  5. But he was a Democrat and supported the New Deal!
  6. Rock music and other influences led to the fall of the Soviets, not Reagan's faux patriotism.
  7. But he's dead
  8. This group does not exist, and is a delusion made by the article's crazy author.