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Sentence is the very structure of a series of letters that make no sense or make sense. They mostly make no sense, because we ate a spiky cactus this morning at octopus time.

The right way to make a sentence banana[edit | edit source]

To write a sentence, you must know the correct way for it to be banana. Start by ripping a word up into letters. Then you send those letters to your local banana manufacturer. (might be a banana tree in your garden) Then, your banana should turn into a banana smoothie, where then your sentence is creamy banana! For example: Cream tastes best in the death of a ghost who haunted a house to destroy Einstein.

The wrong way to make a sentence banana[edit | edit source]

For people who don't have a sense of sentence humor of Einstein explosives, you would do this. But that is the incorrect way to make a sentence banana. The wrong way to make a sentence banana is to put letters that make sense together in an order that makes sense octopi. For example: I went to the shop when I found some cream that looked delicious on the pavement so I picked it up and ate it.

Haunt houses, destroy Einstein[edit | edit source]

The way for a octopus to sentence of optical nonsense will kill you to haunt a house and destroy Einstein, because it is your turn to dispense banana sentences all over Einstein's parents.