Sipping Japanese lentils out of a lemonade stand

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Yorobo art practices are simple and quickly executed, using one finger attached to a pole on a boat miles out to sea, the artist draws on a porcupine.

Then of course there is the spirits they believe reside in cream of tomato soup. The role of these spirits is unfathoble because 1. they are invisible, exept when seen by another spirit and 2. they exist outside of time.

Bugs Bunny t-shirts are popular and are worn by only the highest class. Mickey mouse plasters are put on scabs, who are the lowest class.


My hair seems to fascinate these people because they seem to think its a toy. Maybe its because i am wearing a toy on my head, but I dont think its that. Maybe its my hat. We shall never know.


They seem to think a wooden plank is a substitute for a toothbrush. I can understand that. I once used a fanny to clean my teeth back in the Congo. My memory floats as they lead me to a cave were they have their daily screams. Its a bizarre ritual were they just stand there screaming at each other for an hour. Their faces were quite red afterwards.

My words fail to describe how "out of place" my tuxedo is within the fashions of this tribe. They think the whiteness of my tux is Godzilla cum.