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Socrates, pictured here with his chauffeur.

Who is Socrates? Who do you think Socrates is? Do you think he is a man who knows nothing? Do you not think he is a philosopher, is it not so?

Why is Socrates dead? Was he not tried by the Athenians and condemned to drink hemlock and die, and did he not stupidly abide by this ruling? Do you think Socrates should have escaped in the Crito? Why or why not?

Do you think Socrates method of teaching is annoying? Why do you think it is annoying? Why does Socrates always answer a question with a question?

Why shouldn't Socrates always answer a question with a question? Why write about him on Illogicopedia? Why not? Are you writing about him because he is worth writing about or is he worth writing about because you are writing about him?

Do you know a lot about Socrates?[edit | edit source]

You say you know much about Socrates, and yet you are unable to tell me who Socrates is. You say "Socrates is Socrates," and yet this is not a definition. It is like telling me two is two rather than one doubled. Neither is telling me that "Socrates is a philosopher" defining Socrates because being a philosopher is not unique to him and thus does not define him. So, I ask you once again, "Who is Socrates?"

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