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“God damn it!”

~ Cartman

“Suck my balls!!”

~ Cartman


~ Cartman

“Stan, you're going to have to get a picture of your mom's titties.”

~ Cartman

South Park is an animated half hour television show centered around four fourth graders in the fictional small town of South Park, Colorado. The long running series is a well thought out system of indoctrination and brainwashing, who's ultimate purpose is known only to the two weirdos who produce, direct, voice act and basically make the whole shebang. While short term watching yields startling effects, such as revulsion, uncontrollable laughter, near fatal laughter, vomiting, inability to breath from laughing too much, etc, a deeper psychological manipulation takes place in the minds of those who watch for more than 6 months.

Long term audience/victims often report quoting characters often, even when the risk of embarrassment is high. These people have learned to get beyond, or even find humorous,

Second only to Scientology in in it's use of guile and subterfuge, the South Park engine drives deeper their anarchical philosophies into the cultures of many developed nations. Experts (just me, so far) predict that eventually these couch potatoes will see an episode which makes them realize that they're idiots too, just like the rest of humanity. They see a topic dear to them shredded to pieces, exposing some disturbing truths, and they see that a good start to making things better is tending to one's own back yard before offering advice to others.

One television critic has hailed South Park as a modern day Captain Kangaroo on Opposite Day.