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“Whate a state!”

~ Semantically Ambiguous Quoter on the exclamation a state has caused him

A State is something a nation can find themselves in after a particularly messy night out on the town. Aside from slurring their speech and overcoming social inhibitions, alcohol can also have the effect of making a country democratically elect a set of representatives to act as its appointed leaders. This is known as a state. It usually takes a severe amount of alcohol for a country to get into a state, so often when it wakes up the next morning with a pounding headache and a strange hairy man lying next to it the country will have no idea what went down the previous night. This can lead to awkward situations as the country tries to rid itself of the state while remaining polite so that the newly appointed governers won't think the country is a schlaeg. States reluctant to take the hint are soon remedied with specified hangover medication, such as civil war. Eventually the state will be done away with, and after much remonstrations to its friends that it'll 'never touch alcohol again' the country is ready to doll itself up and get back on the town again.