Stranger Things

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“What is 'friend?'”

~ I've been asking that question too, El. In this era, we only have people whom we talk to alone using social media and we think they exist.

Stranger Things is a total rip off of Stand By Me an educational program meant to educate millions of disillusioned millennials about the 80s and why they'll never truly appreciate the greatness of the late 20th century no matter how hard they try. This is done by flaunting how the 80s was the only decade that had mysterious young girls with deadly telekinetic powers, interdimensional humanoid monsters whose heads open up like carnivorous flowers, and Christmas lights that glow when you attempt to talk to them for hours.

Unfortunately, it does not pay any homage to any of the legendary metal bands that were around at that time (SLAYER!!!) and instead chooses to educate the viewer on how annoyingly catchy "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" was in the 80s (it's not like The Clash was the only band worth the spotlight). Furthermore, the program has an unnatural tendency of going into detail about people who went missing in the 80s. Those disappearances just happen to coincide with the suspicious and nefarious activities of a government research facility that could be a reincarnation of MK ULTRA.