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Note the folded arms...

Stubbornness is a condition suffered by every man woman man woman man woman man woman man woman man woman man woman man woman PERSON in existence. A constant belief that one is correct (because I freakin' am) and that somebody else is wrong (because they suck and are the worst).

Of course like other things you simply can't ask a person if they suffer from stubbornness because they obviously don't (WELL I CERTAINLY DON'T!) How to tell if someone is stubborn is to repeatedly engage in arguments about controversial issues, if you liken the experience to repeatedly bashing your head against a brick wall then congratulations you just wasted several hours of your life! And you've also proven they are stubborn... For all the good that does.

This article is cheap![edit]

Uh, I think you'll find it's actually quite well-written. It might just be that you're the one having trouble coming up with content for it.

And how do you expect that to happen?

Well, maybe you could make some notes?

Notes are for people who don't know what they're doing!

Why don't you just go ahead and write the rest of the article down then?

I don't have a computer. My current computer is cheap!

You could use a mobile device.

Android? Apple? Samsung? They're all cheap and fake! Even the real ones! Fake!

Have you even progressed at all?

Of course I have. Who do you think I am?


Cure for stubbornness[edit]

Some say the cure for stubbornness is to be proven wrong, and thus one cannot continue to argue in a stubborn fashion if conclusive evidence they are wrong is found. However, this is not at all true (See: Politics)