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I should be clearing off my kitchen table. It is full of cereal, and lollipops, and papers, and paper bags, and the remainder of a loaf of bread that I never bothered to finish eating that might be moldy by now, but might be good. Oh, and there's also a roll of mailing tape on there from the last package I had to return because I got two of the same thing for Christmas. Not only that, but there's a bottle of ibuprofen, still in its box from the store that I haven't put in the bathroom yet. Eventually, I'll eat the lollipops, but I really should put them in my snack drawer in the pantry. I got them because I thought they were chocolate, or at least a soft candy. They weren't. Next time, I really should read the label before buying. There's also my receipts folder for this upcoming year there, since I haven't thought up a better place for it. Oh, and there's also a box of tea, the kind you use for iced tea, but it isn't the instant kind. I'd put it in my cupboard, but the cupboard I keep my coffee and tea in is full. And then Starbucks sent me a surprise package two days ago, and it was instant coffee. I have lots of coffee, but I didn't have lots of instant coffee. But now I do have lots of instant coffee. I posted my surprise on Facebook, so I hope Starbucks is happy. Maybe I should have posted my other Christmas presents on Facebook too, but eventually I'll write handwritten notes of thank you as soon as my kitchen table is cleared off. Too bad my oranges went bad, I could have used the stationery that was sitting under them that got ruined by a rotten orange.

I should also be doing laundry. The top I'm wearing doesn't fit right, and the pants I'm wearing doesn't fit right, but they fit just well enough to wear on a day that I'm not working. I have several blouses left that I could wear, and a couple jeans that I could wear, but wearing blouses and jeans together doesn't seem quite right, so I really should do laundry so that I can wear my comfortable black pants, preferably with a t-shirt since I have today off. But I don't feel like opening my door, carrying my basket of laundry with my box of detergent on top of it and the roll of quarters in the laundry basket, then while carrying this, opening the door to the stairwell, walking downstairs, opening the fire door to the first floor, walking down the hall, walking to the laundry room door, remembering that I forgot my key to the laundry room, leaving the basket in front of the door downstairs, going back upstairs, taking my quarters with me, getting my key, going back downstairs, opening the door to the laundry room, grabbing the laundry basket and detergent and putting the quarters back in the basket for now, then going into the laundry room to sort the contents of the laundry basket into two washers (provided both of the two washers in the laundry room are free which sometimes they are not) then putting in the detergent and quarters into each. Repeat for every two batches of laundry. Right now I have at least four batches, but at least I have them sorted and ready to go downstairs.

I could also be cleaning my bathroom. The sink and the mirror and the tub need cleaning. The sink has a light brown ring around the drain, the mirror has spots on it (and is one of my New Year's resolutions), and the tub hasn't been cleaned in awhile because it didn't look like it needed cleaning. I should also change my cat's box, something I try to do every few days, but always do every week, and it smells like it needs it again. This time I think I'll change out ALL the cat litter instead of just scooping the box like I usually do. And after I change the box, the floor will need sweeping AGAIN. It is also overdue for a mopping.

My kitchen sink needs cleaning, and so does my disposal. Unfortunately, I'm out of Plink, the disposal deodorizer. Maybe I'll use a cheap essential oil instead, since I have some of that in my back room. My kitchen floor also needs cleaning. I wonder how many mop pads it will take this time. Also, I should hand wash some dishes, except that my dish drainer is full of containers that I have no space for. Time to give some extra containers away to my mom. I should also make some of that Cowboy Chili mix that I got from the store that is sitting on my counter, but I want to buy some ground beef to go in it first, and I need to buy tomatoes so I can dice them and add them to the chili.

I should go to the grocery store, since I am out of milk and out of cat treats, plus I wanted to buy the tomatoes and ground beef for the chili. It would be a good temporary escape from my house. But if I go to the grocery store, by the time I get back, I will be out of energy and will probably just waste the rest of my day with the TV or computer or a book.

My living room needs vacuuming but first I need to clean up boxes and bags on the floor. The reusable shopping bag can go in my car, the boxes need to be recycled, but I don't know what I'll do with the other bags. I have too many bags, both plastic and paper. I keep forgetting to bring my reusable shopping bags into the store when I go shopping. I used to use up my paper bags, but the homeowner's association doesn't want me to put recyclables in the recycle bin IN the bags like I used to do, because the recycle bin fills up much too quickly (especially on weekends). Once I've vacuumed the living room floor, I should get out the spray carpet cleaner and clean the spots on my rug, if they haven't permanently set in. Then I'll have to get on my hands and knees and scrub the spots, and my shoulder is weak.

My car needs cleaning out, but its too cold outside. The inside windows of my car need washing, and my car's floor needs vacuuming. Also, I wanted to put that blanket back inside the car now that it's winter. At least I already took most of the stuff out of my car when I changed the tires for snow tires in November. My parents are storing the tires that I'm not using right now.

I should be doing something other than writing this article, but looking at the list makes me feel tired. Maybe I should take a bath with one of the bath fizzys I bought. But first I need to clean the tub. Maybe I should hire a maid, but maids don't clear up clutter or touch anything related to litter boxes (so they might not clean the bathroom floor). At least I already cleaned the toilet yesterday. I should pick something to do today, but I'm so indecisive. I know, I'll write an article for Illogicopedia!