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Stupid crimes are dumb things you can do that are against the law. Why would you do any of these things? Do they provide you with resources? No. Can they cover up other crimes you've committed? No. Do they give you amusement? Maybe if you're dumb, but you can also just tell jokes or pull ethical pranks instead, so you don't need to break the law.

Moving rooms[edit | edit source]

Moving rooms is when you take everything out of another person's room and put it into a place that is not their room. This is done the best when you place everything in its new location in an arrangement that is pretty darn close to its original arrangement. Then when the person whose room you moved goes to their room they'll freak out because everything is gone, but if they stumble upon your reconstructed room they'll be completely baffled.

This would be just a funny prank (sis/bro), except for the inconvenient fact that it is actually ILLEGAL. Yes, you could be prosecuted in a court of law all because you came up with a stupid idea and you had to carry it out. And that, my friends, is why you should always consult a lawyer before you pull a prank. Good luck on getting any attorney, let alone an “ace Attorney” at it.

Indecent exposure[edit | edit source]

Indecent exposure is when you wear less clothing than is socially acceptable in your community and others see you because you had the intention of being seen. (Note that this is only a stupid crime if you are moderately ugly. If you are very ugly, you will probably incite disgust and if you are beautiful, some of the people who see it may enjoy it. These situations do not fit with the theme of stupid crimes having no point, generally speaking.)

See also: Exhibitionism

Pumpkin theft[edit | edit source]

Pumpkin theft is when you steal a pumpkin. Technically, it is entirely possible to steal a pumpkin and get some value (probably nourishment) from it, but here we will focus on pumpkin thefts in which nothing tangible is gained from the act. A common way to do this is to go out driving through a neighborhood on the early morning of November 1 to take hollowed-out pumpkins that have been placed on the front of people's houses. Then what you do is go to a bridge and drop them off the side. The men (forgive me for assuming that females have the sense to not carry this out) who do this may derive some excitement from their stupidity, although if that is the case, they probably don't get out enough. Besides, it is more meaningful to do such things as drive go-karts, go skydiving, or mountain bike in dangerous terrain.