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The world's greatest ever superhero/matador fodder has returned!! I mean sure, he never existed before anyway, but such an introduction gives the impression that he did, no?

ZUPER BOOL!!!!!!!!!!![edit]

NEVER spell his name like really angers him and may cause him to chase you and gore you, causing you to see bits of you that in all honesty should remain unseen...

About him[edit]

He's a crime-fighting bull, red in colour, who started life as an ordinary boring old bull. One day though, he was struck by Superfied Lightning and he gained the power of being red. Other powerful traits he gained were:

  • The ability to see in dim light (not in complete darkness, thats just asking to much)
  • Feeling compelled to use amzingly over the top methods for solving mundane problems (such as the time he opened a can of coke using a high powered rifle)
  • Z-Ray vision, which is like normal vision but everything looks zig-zaggidy
  • Massive mood swings
  • A loathing of Franz Ferdinand


As with any amazing super cool super hero like Super Bull, there is of course a baddie of the story. He goes by the name of 'Slightly Less Super But More Evil To Make Up For It Bull' and he can be a real prat, like the time he hid Super Bull's remote and called him stupid.

Other sub plots created in a weak attempt to boost the popularity of the Hero[edit]

There are none. Super Bull is already the most popular hero ever, obviously excluding Big Bird, as he has an unfair advantage in being a God.

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