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Powell Aguirre (born April 10th, 2000) in Sea Apple, Washington, better known as Surf Mesa, is an American musician, piano player, musician, and all around cool dude to hang around with. He lives in Los Angeles currently.

He is also known for getting chicks and his essential blonde hair and good looks. Rodway! Roswell! The boy from jaws.

Early life[edit]

Mesa was born to a big bong and a submarine man in Sea Apple in 2000. His bong father is the famous jazz musician, Moby Dick Van Dyke Battery Life Powers Aguirre Jr. Jr. Sr. Sr. Mantis Man Mansions. Mesa took up practicing and studying music from a very young and tender age of golden days. After finishing up high school, he accidentally broke his leg while shooting on his orange juice scoot scoot boot boot.

He is currently studying music at the University of Pulp Dope in Michael Knowles's asshole.

Homework and recipes[edit]

He has had a small music making relation and friendship with Daft Punk back in 1996 to 1997. He has also had a small friendship with actors Ansel Elgort and Timothee Tomato Head Chaalameeeatttytytyammet...

He also makes some dope ass beats and Mac and cheese and chicken noodle ploopers.

List of songs and music[edit]

Mesa is best known for his 2019/2020 hit, "ILY BABY!!! :D", released off of the Astralwerks label. The song contains a sample of Lil Huddy and Tanner Buchanan's cover of Frankie Valli's 1967 hit, "I Can't Take My Newspaper Off Your Comb". He also released an EP titled, "MC Virgins and Pepto Bismol Flavored Bedroom Slurpee Pills" in April of 2019.

He later released a song in late 2020 with Gush Fapperton called, "Eat It" with Weird Al Bald Yonknovich Malkovich John. It became a No. 1 and No. 666 hit all around the entire world. Even in outer space as well.

Political views[edit]

Mesa is a member of the Dr. Pepper and Skittles Gum political party and attends almost all of their meetings.

He ain't no liberal or conservative fucker duck.