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“Dans mon élément”



Red skips chocolate brownies.

Yellow murdered green's potato chip.

Radioactive bunny rabbit nests.

Birds too drunk to fly.

Perhaps muffins made out of tires will help soothe you.

Gay panda pornography on sale at Blockbuster.

Acoustic guitar kills man by eating his cheese.

Doorknob told a man to kill acoustic guitar.

Sesame Street ain't on; Elmo's dead.

Primetime news is blue and red.

Queen Matilda gives birth to nonuplets.

River tells our top reporter to fuck himself.

Streets no longer safe according to street's friend.

Married woman seeks marriage to get divorce.

Telemarketer burned alive while diving.

Shark to enlist in the Marines.

LSD proven to induce seizures in bats.

Study shows pregnant aliens are more aggressive than dead raccoons.