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Oh my God give me a break what is this? Illogicopedia? What does that even mean? this is stupid. Anyway I should be doing my homework but I don't really care. School is stupid. All my dumb teachers think they're so smart! Dumbasses. I'm not even supposed to be on the Internet, my parents said that my grades are so bad I have to study, study, study! What kind of retarded crap is that? I was looking up LOL cats. They're so funny! I laugh and laugh every time I see them. It's so great! So, who are you? Actually, I don't care. Loser. This website is so dumb. None of the stuff on here even makes any sense. It's just dumb ramblings. By the way, do you know what we had for lunch today? It was this really really ugly Stuff and it looked really nasty and I almost ate it but I was like no way man. I have a girlfriend. Her name is Garvin Hofmn. She is so sexy. I mean it. I bet you wish you were me, ha ha? Well you're not. I have D's in all my classes except for one. LOL! I'm such a bad kid! LOL. My parents are losers too. They always have me do this stupid stuff that I don't want to do but they just are like you know you won't get any lunch or anything and you won't like you know get to go to the movies with your friends and I'm like yeah right. But whatever. I don't care about that. I guess they just don't know that I'm a genius. Yeah. I sure am a genius. Man, I am so smart, just not in a school way you know? Yeah. I know a whole bunch of stuff about a whole bunch of video games and other things and I can talk to my friends forever about video games and stuff and I know a lot about it. And my friends do too. I play mine craft too. Minecraft is so fun! But, you probably don't have Minecraft because it probably costs a little bit too much for you, doesn't it? Whoops. Well, that's too bad because it's a really really fun game see what you can do is like you can like build stuff and the stuff is made out of blocks and you can turn it into a bunch of Cool things you can even turn it into circles which is weird because blocks don't seem like they would be able to make circles but it works because in the game you can make circles out of the blocks and it's really cool. I'm tired. That's probably because I only got like two hours of sleep last night. Yeah. Man, it was so rough because like I was trying to sleep but I couldn't cause my eyes kept coming open and I was like damn why can't I just sleep like a normal person? Maybe if I smoked weed, it would make me sleepy and I could sleep then. But I don't smoke weed, LOL. I don't do that stuff, because I heard from somebody that it like kills your brain and whatever and if you smoke it then you'll be really stupid all day. I have done beer though. There was like a little bit of beer left in the bottom of the glass at a party, so I drank it. But it tasted all weird and bittery. So but yeah I tried beer but I don't like do it like my dad. Well, I guess I had better text my beautiful girlfriend and tell her good night before she goes to bed she really loves it when I do that. We love each other so much and sometimes I think that were like the most amazing couple ever. And all my friends think so too. Well whatever good night this website still sux hairy balls. Umm nah