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“That? That is… err, your face!”

~ Idiot on on himself

“That is not this

What is that?[edit]


Your mom.

No, not really your mom, dangit.

Who, then?

Someone evil, no doubt!

What about this?[edit]

What about it?

...No, seriously, what about it?


ANSWER ME!1!11!!


Why, you...! *explodes*

History of the Word That[edit]

  • That was invented in 3865BC, but how would I know? I wasn't alive then......
    • OK, I don't remember who said that, but it sounded pretty good
  • That was said by The Guy Who Said That
  • And that was said by the guy who said that was said by The Guy Who Said That. Argh, this is confusing.
  • After being modernized, it was mass produced in factories, and everyone was able to use the word that.
  • That is why the word that is not special anymore. In fact, it's THAT.

Headline text[edit]

And that is that. The end

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