The American desert

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"America has a desert" said cowboy Joey, staring into the wide flaps of sand.

This was a desert.

It was a Devon custard bowl.

1[edit | edit source]

Yeah. Live it. That's what the Ad said. Toby done everything the Ads said. "Buy our new product!" "buy this new Gillette blade!" so he did.

He didn't have a beard, so he shaved his eye lids off.

2[edit | edit source]

"I CAN SEE AGAIN!" he said, in a good mood. "I CANT CLOSE MY EYES." He found himself standing in a football stadium. At the far end, there stood a giant non-descriptive rustic wood sculpture.

"Aw... neat"

3[edit | edit source]


"I like this piece of artwork MR P! CANINE I BUY TEE?"

"NO> NO> NO>"