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<Admin>: Welcome to Cabal Central.

<You>: So what is the Cabal?

<Admin>: There is NO Cabal.

<You>: But there is, isn't there? If there's a CENTRAL about it.

<Admin>: No. There is no Cabal. Don't you know that?

<You>: Then how come it says 'Cabal' like, everywhere? And you can get a computer app to find the Cabal. And there's a CENTRAL on the Cabal. This is it!

<Admin>: Yeah well everyone talks about the Loch Ness Monster, and there's probably a BILLION WEBSITES about it, and IT'S not real.

<You>: How do you know that?

<Admin>: Well it's impossible.

<You>: No it's not.

<Amin>: Yes it is, and so is the Cabal.

<You>: But how do you know? You don't even know what the Cabal IS!

<Admin>: Yeah but no one's ever seen it.

<You>: So? No one's ever seen a dinosaur and THEY'RE real.

<Admin>: Well, they've seen the fossils. Besides, Christens believe Dinosaurs aren't real.

<You>: But Genesis is stupid and unbelievable!

<Admin>: Well the whole Bible is more believable than Evolution.

<You>: No it's not! God is crap! Darwin rules!

<Admin>: You belong in hell.

<You>: No I don't. I belong in heaven.

<Admin>: But you just said that the Bible is crap...

<You>: F*** you. F*** the Cabal. F*** the Bible. F*** this.