The End of the World

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The sky is reddish and the clouds loom over... Is it the apocalypse or is it Fancy Feast? I do not know.

Those curious step out of their doors and look above to see their impending doom.

The world; my friends; will end by the hand of fluffy pink bunnies.

Fluffy pink bunnies?[edit]

Giant ones. Falling from the sky. Killing all in their path. No one can escape...

Can we hide?[edit]

Hide? They smell your fear! All attempts at preservation are futile! FUTILE!!!!

Will we all die?[edit]

Yes! WE WILL ALL DIE! Even those in the most remote areas. Death will come to us all!!!

Why? Why? Why?[edit]

I don't know. Perhaps because we elected a black man as president.

Woah, woah, woah... No racism, man.[edit]

Sorry. Um- maybe because of the gays?

No discrimination whatsoever[edit]

Okay... Maybe because you touch yourself at night... No matter. YOU WILL DIE?

So- since we're all gonna die- can I have sex with my best friend's sister?[edit]

Go ahead.

Nice... So- when is this gonna happen?[edit]

In a theater near you on October 5th!


Our impending doom.