The Epic Ninja Battle

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  This article is quoted from a chatroom somewhere. 

<lolocaust|frnds> going to the doctors was a bitch
<TaylorKarras>    why?
<lolocaust|frnds> ......i dont wanna talk about it....;_;
<lolocaust|frnds> ok...  i was fighting ninjas in siberia nothing 
                  outta the ordanary
<lolocaust|frnds> then i was captured cuz ninjas are bastards
<lolocaust|frnds> then they shovede a carrot in my ass
<MoltenSlowa>     ...
<lolocaust|frnds> and then i open a can of whuppass on them
<TaylorKarras>    Did you put whuppass in their... ass?
<lolocaust|frnds> no....
<TaylorKarras>    :/
<lolocaust|frnds> i was fighting ninjas
<lolocaust|frnds> with a carrot still in my ass
<TaylorKarras>    ooohhhhh...
<lolocaust|frnds> then when i set myself on fire and ran at the ninjas 
                  they  were liek shiiiiiiiiiitttt!!!!!1!!
<TaylorKarras>    how'd u survive?
<lolocaust|frnds> then i whupped there asses the world was saved but then 
                  i had to get this carrot 
<lolocaust|frnds> cuz i had my ninja power suit of epic justice on
<MoltenSlowa>     Were they forum ninjas?
<lolocaust|frnds> no
<TaylorKarras>    And didn't you already have a carrot in your ass?
<lolocaust|frnds> yes
<lolocaust|frnds> it sucked
<TaylorKarras>    So why didn't you use that [[carrot]]?
<lolocaust|frnds> it was loged deep
<TaylorKarras>    damn
<lolocaust|frnds> so when i was at the [[doctor]]s...
<lolocaust|frnds> they told me that i had a carrot in my rectum
<lolocaust|frnds> and to never drink again
<lolocaust|frnds> [[the end]]
<TaylorKarras>    wow
<TaylorKarras>    that was an AWESOME story!!!
<lolocaust|frnds> i no XD
<lolocaust|frnds> o ya and the ninjas had babies