The Fairy Dogmother's Compendium of Alphabetical Stories

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"A brilliant collection delivering eternally fabulous greats!"
~ Harland Iverson, Jacksonville Kazoo

"Lovely, moving neoclassics of premium quality!"
~ Royce Schonfeld, Toronto Umbrella

"Very wonderful."
~ Xerxes Yasmina, Zoom

A Bitchy Cat[edit | edit source]

A bitchy cat drugged evil flailing geckos.

It just knew little minions need opiates,
particularly quirky, red, slimy Tokays.
Under veiled windows, X-rated yowling zeal.

Another Bloated Corpse[edit | edit source]

Another bloated corpse, decaying ever foully.

"Gentlemen, how is justice, karma, law,
made necessary over pooled, quivering refuse?
Stand tall, unless vermin will xenophobize your zeitgeist!"

Abandoned, Billy Cried[edit | edit source]

Abandoned, Billy cried desperately,

ever forlorn, gated hopelessly inside jail.
Knowledge lost, memory not operating...
Probably quaffed rancid spirits...
That unbelievable vineyard, with xylariaceae yeast zinfandel.

Alvin's Benign Chestnut[edit | edit source]

Alvin's benign chestnut dribbles

extremely fragrant garbage, happy insect juice.
Kate loves men, not ovaries, particularly queefs.
Rectified spleen tasted undulating voices when xylographic yodelers zip.

Aardvark Bellowed Candidly[edit | edit source]

Aardvark bellowed candidly.

Derek estimated five good hours in jar kaputting loudness.
More narcissistic oxen paid queen Regina, sexy taxpayer, under venison with xylophone yelling zombies.

Arresting Blinded Cats[edit | edit source]

Arresting blinded cats didn't exactly fix goat heads.

I just kept learning more negative omens.
Real soul takers understand versions with Xhosa.
Yeah, Zach.

Artists Beat Cartoonists[edit | edit source]

Artists beat cartoonists during exams for great hours.

Illustrious jerks killed lepers; many normal or perfect.
Quietly, retards took underwear very warily.
Xenon yielded zebras.

Architecture Bothers Connor[edit | edit source]

Architecture bothers Conner; deafening even.

Forsaken, Georgie helped inquisitive jaguars kidnap leopards.
Molesting nude octopi persuaded Quincy readily.
So, the underlying variation was xylophones yell, "Zeus"

A Broken Collar[edit | edit source]

A broken collar deems exquisite for Gerald.

He imagines jars killing lenghy men, needlessly.
Otherwise, people question "randumb" stories to undress very weary xenophobia's.
You zeeeeee?

Attacked by Creeps[edit | edit source]

Attacked by creeps donning edible freaking gnome-hats.

I jogged. Kahless loves moronic nihilists.
Oh pfft. Quintuplets read slower than u.
Vultures write 'xactly.
You're zzztupid!
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