The First Church of Aurism

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All stand up and whisper the word psendlipnat.

That what does that what it means?

Slowly getting louder.


Psendlipnat is the word. Psendlipnat is the word that will free you from um bourgeois religion



psendlipnat. tanpildnesp.

well done you have passed the first test


do you ever wish you could see some of your more attractive friends in a pornographic video

um no

have you enjoyed the scent of a plant before realising it is soaked in cat urine


yes good you are progressing well. yes very good

most people i know aren't to my sexual preference the few that i do know aren't attractive

that is a bad sign we must condition this out of you by giving you attractive friends

yes please do that

yes if you will turn to aurism we can do this for you

ok i'm an aurist now (sorry wookism they promised me attractive friends)

yes you are a child of aur

aur is a ridiculous name

yeah i know but what can you do really you can't really pick the name although apparently you can deed poll a religion

the layman's religion

when can you take deliveries generally things like attractive friends it'll take up to 5 working days but we can work around you

any time

you gotta remember that aur (name soon to be changed) has to construct everything out of, um, sound. yeah, sound. what would be a cool name for aur we're open to suggestion


that sounds like those lollipops

andromalius. yeah i think that's a good name

andromalius psendlipnat. oh by the way we're hoping we get our letter back from the government soon we're being declared an independant country we are about the size of um the upper floor of a pub

how does a religion become a country

most things can be declared a country now a guy i knew once knew this girl that got their cat made into a country

can i declare my pinky finger to be a country it doesn't do a lot otherwise

yeah sure. you will have all power over the pinky country. what you say goes

time to sign a trade agreement then i guess with japan

ah yeah that would be cool

all my pinky really has is an epidermis though i can't imagine what japan would do with that

i will trade you a bottle of beer for a bit of epidermis

i can't imagine how much that bottle of beer would be worth it looks ........................................................................................................ like really good beer or something

we're a generous country it would be the good foundation of a trade relationship

i guess you know what i think my pinky is just fine being my pinky it doesn't have to be a country

ok then that's ok psendlipnat psendlipnat you can still have the beer if you want i don't really want it all and you're an aurist too i think it would be fair

no thanks i don't drink

ok then that's ok what do you do


i read==== ====the internet[edit]

i listen==== ====to everything[edit]

i play==== ====in the fields[edit]