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  This article is quoted from a chatroom somewhere. 

Actually from #uncyclopedia, but nobody cares.

<JudgeZarbi>	Hey.
<multiliteralist> I lost it? Oh man I didn't realize I was playing. I'll sue!
<PongoV2V2V2>	Oh, thanks, now I just lost it as well.
<JudgeZarbi>	In Soviet Russia, the game loses YOU!!
<PongoV2V2V2>	That's two old memes in one sentence.
<JudgeZarbi>	Yep.
<PongoV2V2V2>	In Soviet Russia, the game wins Chuck Norris!!
<PongoV2V2V2>	Note how that barely makes sense.
<JudgeZarbi>	That's three.
<PongoV2V2V2>	Exactly. Saying that probably makes many people want to shoot you.
<JudgeZarbi>	Lol
<PongoV2V2V2>	I'm putting this on Illogicopedia.

Rules[edit | edit source]

This game has no rules. Controversially, and against common belief. This thing called "The Game" can not be lost. It's just in your head, snap out of it! Furthermore, a game without rules can't be played because if it is played there would be a rule that says that it can be played. This solves P=NP and the Halting Problem to be equivalent complexity as a Banana on a Jetski.

History[edit | edit source]

Fcuk off, nobody likes history, go bore someone else.