The Residents

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Them! Boogity Woogity Bop!

The Residents are a bat shit crazy group of Avant-Garde musical aliens from the planet Uranus. And no, contrary to popular belief, they really aren't from San Francisco. Their music includes instruments such as shopping carts, acid, crystal wrath, Beck, chocolate cake, laser beams, shopping mall bathroom toilet stalls, and Canadian beef jerky.


The Residents are as mysterious and as bizarre as the Zodiac Killer, Jack the Ripper, and Bill Nye the Science Fry. Their history is unknown, so I can't even write jack shit about them, honestly.

List of Albums[edit]

Please, For God's Sake, Do NOT Meet the Fucking Residents! (2974) Hitler Vs. Everybody Else (2976) Pig Stab! (2978) The Advertisement Album (8880 A.C.B.C.) The Tale of the Twin Towerz (2001) Currently Not and NEVER, EVER Will Be Available (295666) Owen Wilson's Toenail Collection (3356)

List of Songs[edit]

"Smelly Dicks" (2974), "N-ER-GEE (Crisis Shit)" (2974), "Constantinople" (2978), "Hello Spitty" (2978), "Moisture EEWWW!!!" (2980)