The Solar System

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The Solar System


This colossal 4 dimensional lemur rules the planets. If a planet is deemed unfit he blasts them to oblivion with his Super Epic Laser Eyes. The planets worhip it frantically in fear of total annihilation.

1 January 2022 00:00:00 the Solar System is destroyed by a giant space worm

Planets in the Solar System[edit]

Funktopia - This planet is home to the Funkadelic Groove Monkeys who dance like buttery croissants. The national anthem is "Funked Up", which replaced "The DK Rap", a song accused of stereotyping monkeys.

Spherosphere - The planet claims to be a sphere. Planets are not spheres. Enough said.

Earth - A planet hand crafted by Sjubiathyrion out of his own hair and feces, serving as a prison and garbage dump. The inhabitants are known to be "smelly and obnoxious". Since it is too small to conquer the other planets, Earth frequently wars itself while the others watch.

Fakeplanetland - One of the the larger planets. Native home of the Nonexistent-race. Ruled by the tyrant Generic Evil Villain, who controls his subjects using the Generic Plot Device of Ridiculous Power.

Ohyeahbabyee! A thriving planet, most due to the large of amount infidelious husbands and wives on it. The planet's inhabitants are ultra-attractive. Even the kids! But because of the adults superior hotness of everyone else, Pedophillia is shunned even more and is more illegal. The amount of hotness of the inhabitants also allowed Ohyeahbabyee! to conquer a large portion of its own galaxy, as all the planets conquer fell to their knees at their hotness.

Fun Facts

  • The life span of the Solar System is about half.
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