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The Three Bishes is a gaming cult formed by two Romanians, and one Serbian. The Serbian, called dan_esf_fanatic, whose real name is Damjan Bujandric, founded this cult around the middle of Arply 2007, with the help of two Romanians. The first one has the alias LionHeart, but his real name is Bogdan Chebac. The second and last member of The Three Bishes, aliased TigerGeo, with his real name being George Boriceanu, is the most emo of the three, but that's another story.

The Deities Involved[edit | edit source]

Like any good gaming cult, they all have deities they worship, be it gods, energies, or humans. Dan worships Lutz, a godlike hero from the game Phantasy Star, who is responsible for saving the Algo Solar System from Dark Force and the Profound Darkness many times. LionHeart worships the Nix, a mysterious energy brought to this world from the ESF forum, from all people who have the suffix -Nix in their forum alias. Zeonix was the first one to use this mysterious energy, though it existed in many other forum members with the -nix in their aliases. The Nix was then passed on to other forum members, one of them being the noble LionHeart. Currently it exists in nearly every member of the ESF forum, but LionHeart is the proud commander of the 12th and 16th division of the Army of the Nix. TigerGeo worships his online girlfriend Sandy, to whom he swore eternal love. They're currently not seeing each other (though they never saw each other in real life, never kissed, never got laid, they're currently not chatting and stuff), but eternal love conquers all, sooner or later.

Formation[edit | edit source]

The Three Bishes were formed when Dan, the Messenger of Lutz, suggested to his good forum buddy LionHeart, Worshiper of the Nix, to play Starcraft. Then he introduced Dan to TigerGeo for the first time, and they got along perfectly. April 19, 2007 was the first day Dan, Lionheart and TigerGeo played Starcraft on Dan's Hamachi server, completely unaware of the bond that was going to befall them soon as The Three Bishes. And their fanaticism towards Starcraft continued...

Official Birth[edit | edit source]

April 27, 2007 was the day that The Three Bishes were officially born. The reason the word 'bishes' got into their name, was LionHeart's strange habit of saying 'bish' over and over while chatting to Dan or TigerGeo in Yahoo Messenger. The habit then extended to the two aformentioned bishes, and they decided to put the word into their name. Once that was over with, they decided they need a motto. And they made one.

"Long Live The Three Bishes! Dan, Messenger of Lutz, LionHeart, Worshiper of the Nix, and TigerGeo, Lover of Sandy."

It was bliss. Though, as in every other gaming cult, things cannot always go so smoothly. The rather repetitive emoness of TigerGeo reduced the power of the Three Bishes drastically, and his unwill to play Starcraft at any time the other Bishes saw fit caused them to look for temporary replacements. One of them was USSGO, also from the ESF Forum. At that time, The Three Bishes decided to pause their fanaticism for Starcraft and replace it with fanaticism for Stronghold Crusader. And the power of The Three Bishes stayed up. The Three Bishes reached their current peak of power between June and July 2007, when they played the most Starcraft, when they used the word 'Bish' most often, and when TigerGeo was the least emo. Life was good. But then, disaster strook. TigerGeo went on a family trip after he dumped his online girlfriend Sandy. That was the time the power of The Three Bishes severely dropped. And again, there was the need for Temporary Replacements again. This time, since USSGO suffered a fatal crash and has not been heard of since the night he told Dan about it, the replacement was LionHeart's childhood friend Vlad, aliased Xellos in Yahoo Messenger, which was the Three Bishes' main method of communication. The Saga of Starcraft stopped, and came about the Saga of Red Alert 2. Since neither of the Three Bishes had legitimate copies of Red Alert 2, they were forced to use Dan's hamachi server again. Which brought about a lot of work ahead for the Three Bishes. In order to even make a network game, they needed to get Hamachi to work with IPX protocol, which required a full day of bitching around with different versions of the software and browsing endless romanian web pages. Nevertheless, they managed to do it. It was good - for a while.

Then after countless family trips LionHeart has made throughout Romania, visiting his cousins and grandparents, and a 5-day fapping pause, the newly restored power of The Three Bishes had fallen even more. They even played Pirate King Online, an MMORPG, which was pretty strange since Dan despised MMORPG's. Right now, they're completely on hold, not playing anything together, waiting for TigerGeo to return after a month of being on vacation. Hopefully, once school starts, maybe even before that, The original Three Bishes, Dan, LionHeart, and TigerGeo will be reunited, and their fanaticism toward the game that brought them together, Starcraft, would continue, and their power would rise to be great again.

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