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“Simply epic.”

~ Beck, Devo, and the Residents on The Tubes

The Tubes are a San Francisco, CA based rock, New Wave, and novelty punk rock band best known for songs such as, "White Hate Group Supporters High On Dope", "She's A Turdy", and, "Don't Want To Fap Anymore". Their lead singer is a nerdy ass but cool and highly interesting white dude named Waldo "Fee" Waybill (born in 1780 in Paris). They often perform while entirely naked on stage, no pants, no socks and all!


The band formed in San Francisco during the hippie period of 1967-1971. Waybill, also known as Quay Lewd started to masturbate on stage sometime in 1973 to bottles of full Mountain Dew, and the band was formed as simple as that! They released plenty of albums and singles through the mid 70's until the mid 80's. They still perform to this very day however.

And yes, they really ARE, in fact, alien creatures from the depths of space! Go fucking figure!

They may also be evil criminal masterminds bent on Hell to destroy the entire human race. Uh-oh, Spaghetti-O's! :(

Connection to The Residents[edit]

Do we even need to fucking explain this connection to you!?!?!? Well, no, we in fact fucking don't need to at all.



Both bands are from San Francisco and consist of members who are aliens. Not convinced yet? Both bands make weird "rock" and "New Wave" music and are FULL of pure goddamn evil. There! You see it now.

Connection To Brightburn (Brandon Breyer)[edit]

In 2003, an alien child was adapted by Keanu Reeves and Elizabeth Banks. He went on to kill and destroy his own universal species. BWAH HAH HAHAHAHAH!!! However, conspiracy nut job, Alex Jones has written a book on as to why he believes both Bightburn and the Tubes are somehow connected to each other. Heh.

Photo of Fee Waybill (allegedly)[edit]


List of albums[edit]

The Tubes (duh, their self-titled debut album you dumbass!) (1975) Young Douchebags Who Are Spoiled As Fuck (1976), Electronic Dildo Package (1979), The Confusing, "What the Actual Fucking Goddamn Hell Even is This Stuff?" Principle (1981), Inside of My X-Ray Asshole (1983), Terrorist Love (1985), and America is Farting Out Golden Tickets (666666)