The Unshocking Events of Safety

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This story concerns a man by the name of Kim Williams. He was (and, it may be said, is) a loner who never gave anyone cause to harm or kidnap him.

On the fateless day of Dec. 13, Kim was walking to the local drugstore three blocks away from his home (which was safe to leave unguarded). The street was sunny and pleasant, and this pleasantless was in no way misleading, ghastly, or uncanny. Further, all of the shadows on the street were only those of plants and buildings. Kim had cause to smile and did.

Kim entered the drugstore - a fact that the numerous pieces of sensor equipment in it kept to themselves. He briefly conversed with the genuine pharmacist. Soon his pockets concealed paid-for and unpoisoned headache medicine.

Kim left the pharmacy, its door clicking innocently behind him. A police car prowled past on unrelated business. He strolled home unfollowed.

He arrived home to find his home and his car intact. He went inside through the intact door. He turned on the intact TV. After twenty minutes watching TV alone, he fell into a natural and undisturbed sleep.

By the end of the day, there was not a scratch on him, and all was well.