The Yellow Doll

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Today we moved boxes and shredded papers and filed stuff away from last year. Before that, I brushed my hair and put it in a ponytail. Before that, I ate cereal. And before that, I watched through a scope as yellow covered an area indicating contamination. They carted a doll away, apparently the source of the contamination. A young girl cried. Then I watched through the same scope as cell phone buttons glowed yellow. They threw all the cell phones away, because they were old anyways and they were contaminated with cancer causing contaminants. There was a cubicle there, a large one, with a television in it, and things to color there, and beds in the back room. A pipe ran up the wall near the door. Outside was a park with a walking trail, and I went outside, where the sun was shining. There was a hedge maze and some flowers. Which smelled like people. I had a flashback to a newspaper article I read in the news about Pinkie Pie killing and cannibalizing the remains of the killed corpses. The list of her victims had Diamond Tiara and Rainbow Dash along with Princess Luna too then thus showing how deadly she could be with just a toothbrush and nail clippers.