The eyes have hills

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A peasant sits by the river, with a fishing rod. It was really big... like a thick truncheon. It smell'd of ashwood. Then A man comes along with huge, hollow feet. "Why do you have such a small fishing rod?" said he, whilst stroking his beard.

"Ok, give me one good reason why I shouldn't punch you right now" said the fisherman. The wizard thought about this and mulled. "give me your fishing rod And i will give you the amulet of gold." "ok then" said the fisherman. This seemed fair, considering that they were in the forest.

They exchanged what they had, and when it was done, the king gave a warning. "The amulet of gold I gave you is the thickest one I could find."

It was made out of wood.

Walking around, he came across environmental activists protesting in the woods. "Get out of my forest!" said the tree.

"No. We are protesting about the pollution in the air caused by trees!" They all said in unison. "We want to breathe air."

The protesters breathed in unison and realesed so much oxygen into the earths atmosphere that the ice-caps clotted up and became big again. BUT IT BECAME TOO BIG and the ice caps made the earth into a floating needle made of ice. Which hovered into a huge cascading solar-sytem of pure nitrogen-dioxide.

It remained frozen until an extent of colourless matter consumed its own existence.