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Toran™ is a type of human manufactured by Wieser and Wieser, a human cloning and DNA company. The first Toran to roll of W&W's production line was in 1966 and since then over 100,000 Toran's exist around the world. Most can be found in Europe, some Chinese variations known as Towaan also exist.

Inception[edit | edit source]

In 1960, Wieser and Wieser was looking to further advance their cloning technology. They wanted a unique looking human with some shared characteristics, notably black hair, glasses and mildly inverted teeth. W&W chiefs named the human "Toran" after the chief financial officer's pet rabbit.

The design of Toran was ingenious -- for the first time ever in cloning history, each personality was going to be completely random. Many physical characteristics were also meant to be completely random, but the specification above was still required in each and every Toran produced.

It took 600 prototypes of Toran until the CEO of W&W was completely happy with the work. Many defects were accidentally created along the way and can still be found in some Torans today, such as bald hair and anger management issues.

Sale of Torans[edit | edit source]

All Torans that come off the production line are sold and adopted by couples who cannot have children for whatever reason. Torans are priced at $2000-3000 (£1348-£2007, €1851-€2776) depending on their quality. Some Torans can be bought on finance with a comfortable set of installments and interest -- this is the case with 13% of all Torans living today. If the Toran cannot be paid off by the parent(s), then Wieser and Wiser reserve the right to kill the Toran at any given moment.

The first ever Toran[edit | edit source]

The first ever Toran rolled off the production line on the 9th November 1966 in Charleston, South Carolina. He was adopted by Terry and Diane Zepam and renamed by his adopted family as 'Chris'. Chris Zepam is still alive today at a comfortable age of 48 years old. He lives in New York as a software engineer and has four children with his wife Martha.

Famous Torans[edit | edit source]

A type of Toran.

Torans have inspired various characters from movies, most notably McLovin from Superbad.