Tramp baiting

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Tramp baiting is the subtle art and practice of luring tramps (or hobos) into wells or holes in the ground, in order to get rid of them.

This can be done by a number of methods. A common technique is to use a half-eaten sandwhich or refuse attached to a fishing rod.

This guy is the ultimate "prize pig" for any conoisure of fine-baiting. His mind is pure alchohoal and so is very primed for disapearence.

Unorthodox methods of bait[edit]

  1. you can easily put some street drugs onto a long pole and lead them towards a sewage hole. Then they will be swimming with the turds.
  2. Sometimes tramps respond to bait like a fish would. Try your usual fishing bait, like maggots or worms, stick it onto your faveorite rod and cast it out. Make shure you are standing by on a pedestrian walkway or traffic island first. We want the tramp to disaper - not you.
  3. killing also makes tramps disapear.

What the "liberal media" thinks about this[edit]

The liberal media would have you belive that this type of thing is cruel. This is simply not true.

At best they paint a false picture and at worst they make us look like eugenic social-cleansers. We are not hitlers. We are not nazis.

We are aligned to a neo-nazi group called "arbietmacht weltputzt" which is purely a lesuire based activity on facebook.