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The truth table is, quite simply, the table that God put Truth on while he went into the kitchen to get a drink during a commercial break. Most theologians think he must have forgot to come back and get it because (they assert) it's still there. It is apparently made of imitation wood and has four legs ... and it's kind of old because God made it rather early in his career, before he sold out to the big corporations and started making more popular-style religions.

The truth table has been in George Boole's house since 1854. It has acquired several coffee stains over the years, and may need to be cleaned or restored soon, along with The Truth Couch and The Truth Entertainment Center Cabinet.

Arguments for the existence of the truth table[edit | edit source]

  1. If truth wasn't on a table, it would be on the floor.
  2. If truth were on the floor, someone could trip over it and get hurt. (And they might smoosh it!)
  3. God doesn't like messes, so he put it on a table! How very smart!!

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