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No. Just no. The scene of Truth is too much to implode. You may gasp at it now.


The principal. Such feminine masculine ownage.

. Yes. The ultimate! No lies! It is them who are powerless now! Feel my pain of parking tickets. As I throw I can caution to the wind, 7chan appears and kicks my ass, takes my lunch money, and pillages my locker. I get up and call the prinicipal. The principal heeds my call. We call in for cheese lunch. I eat my snack'ems. The principal takes out his cards. Now he is ready to fight!

Me and the principal go gung-ho anime ridiculous power on the bully. We own his ass. I take his ass. I sell it to the wizard. The wizard zaps me. The principal yells over my corpse in a dramatic manner. The great healer of wikis comes and revives me. He sings his montage to the wizard. An assassin of cheese comes and helps defeat the wizard. Battle win.

Where to find truth[edit]

  • About three inches beyond your nose.
  • On a truth table.
  • Under water. There's lots of true stuff down there!
  • Just Kidding

What now?[edit]