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Twilight sure is a book, boy howdy. It's got them words and paper and everything! Sometimes I hear those young missies talkin' about Twilight and Eddie and whatnot and I wish I could read, but I never was taught to read. My papa always said "boy, if you can work a tractor that's all you'll ever need to learn in life" and then he'd shoot the book right outta my hands with his buckshot and throw me in a crate. I had some good times in that crate, lemme tell ya. This one time, I just about caught a rat the size of a toolbox and put him in that crate. I called him Crazy Teddie, and we had some good times until I found papa's supply of moonshine and he threw me in there with Crazy Teddie. That's why I only got one leg now!

Oh that was my impression on Ben Stiller. Ok. So This book, Twilight, is a terribly written book by Stephanie Meyer. She said that she got the idea from a dream. But Dumbledore said that it does no good to dwell on dreams. So obviously, the choice to write this "book" was a terrible one.... Oh. Are you on Team Jacob or Team Edward? I personally am on Team Harry Potter. Harry Potter rocks. I'm gonna go eat some tigerfish now. Ok. Goodbye.


That's a funny word.