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Yesterday it rained. It wasnt the kind of rain which made a sound. It thudded. That was worrying. Becuase the rain felt like a giant bomb. Yesterday it didnt rain, the day. It was cold and i felt dem. It didnt sound a car horn, it felt like an unbearable. On monday it rained and I tuned into a horse/donkey and rode about arabs. The day before that I took a toke. Funk. That day it was raining. Yes i know. The day ontop it was raining ontop of that day i know. What would you do. The days after that follwed they all reminded me of that day when the rain spoke in nothing but thuds. Above in the jewel sky, a horse was thumping a donkey. The days that follwed it didnt rain but still I remember when it did.

Then clouds on tuesday, clouds on wednsday clouds on friday it was thumping and thudding and hitting everywhere a grey mush and. Then clouds on tuesday and suinday and then at the end of the week my feet were solid. Then clouds along the road and clouds on highways and clouds in the sky and on heads.