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The United Nations or United nobs of peace and wholemeal bread is the organisation that aims to kill off world peace. How does it go about doing that? You ask. Well, the UN has built a giant ray gun and it is aimed at everything. How does a gun aim at everything? you ask. Well, it just does and when this ray gun goes off it will destroy every continent on earth. Won't that be swell?

Er... no.


The United Nations was founded in 1945 after the end of WWII to make sure they could uphold the commandment in the Bible that says Thou shalt not kill. Unfortunately, it didn't work. They decided to use peaceful means to achieve this goal, uniting every country in the world with a few pieces of paper.

If illogical people ran the United Nations...[edit]

A better strategy would be to get some planes and drop leaflets saying 'PEACE IS BETTER THAN WAR'. Wouldn't that work?