Unquizzable Woman

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We begin our story at a night club in beansville, our five explorers wouldn't be the most likely people to be there seeing as they were white & nerdy. To find out why they were there we'll have to go back 5 minutes. The nerdy people, or so called nerd,s were finishing there conclusion of the meaning of the life and there Geography homework,there answer was the same as any devilishly handsome mascular man will say 'have a child or two'. So they skipped into their hovercar and drove to the nightclub which is where you joined us at the start.


The nerds tried to strut thier stuff but ended up looking like a zombie Disco Stew not that pretty it was fantastic to watch if your a zombie in which case kill yourself now. once they entered the music stopped, everybody looked, and stared, then sweated, and pointed but then some idiotic maintenence guy shouted 'dang it can't you buy any good cheap radio's in this town, sshhheeeeesssshhh'. everything went back to normal and the nerds sat down trying to get into conversation with a sexy woo-man/woman pulling thier sexiest face yet. but all they managed was a glimpse of a girl. Once a male hotshot was done with a girl the nerds graspd their chance with both einstien hands,and asked him out loads of questions meaning the same thing. The man said '1.get contact lenses, 2.use clearasel spot cream immediately, 3.put on some muscle, 4.if you live with your mum get your but out of there,5. stop dressing like your granny, that should do enough' now go home 'oooooooohhhhhhhhhh'


After weeks and months of hard training they were ready, they took thier hovercar cruising to the same nightclub and strutted properly, they sat down and waited for the women to come rushing in. TIC TOC TIC TOC TIC TOC TIC TOC. The clock struck midnight but nothing came, the nerds were confused, the hotshot was confused, the heshe's were confused, the barman was confused, even the women were confused, everybody was confused. So the nerds left empty handed 'AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!'


The nerds returned to their nerdy self. They soon found out that nerds are created not born and should never mate with other human beings.


As a final effort to prove the laws of nature wrong they researched women on the internet, but only found out they were mainly attracted by the forbidden fruit which sold ot last week, 'just my luck'.


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