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Oh ok then, I'm chained to Ryan's bedpost. Someone HELP!!!


Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Oh yeah, Hi. Hi. Have I ever told you, Hi.

Blub Meep's IQ[edit]

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Blub Meep's Favourite Joke[edit]

Why did the chicken cross the road?-----Because it felt like it! LOL




Blah Blah Blab yak, yap yip blib blub blob bleeg.

Blub Meep's Favourite Article[edit]


[dumb pointless crap removed]

The articles I can remember making[edit]


[1] A site I support. [2] A site I support, and I'm an Administrator there. :D

OH NOES!!!!![edit]

Meh. That crap's fake.


Damn. The username Ryan wasn't available so I had to put a full stop.

I am not Ryan, I know someone called Ryan. My user page for Ryan. User:Ryan.

Look at the user talk. What I got from Testostereich was pretty funny.

This is boring[edit]

So true.

That's it[edit]

That's it because I'm too freakin' lazy to type anymore.