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Holy friggin cow.

Who Am I?[edit | edit source]

Obviously, Chicablog is a randumb weirdo idiot. She just ate about twice her weight in sugar, mind her. Currently, she is flapping her arms up and down, skipping across the room yelling "HYPERACTIVE WOOHOO". It's best you put on your earplugs. This could be dangerous.

I'm not that weird, Idiot[edit | edit source]

Again, mind her. If she doesn't speak 1337, then she's weird. Duh. Obviously, she can't be trusted around coffee, poptarts, coffee, cookies, coffee, sugar packets, coffee, maple syrup, coffee, brownies, coffee, cupcakes, coffee, birthday cake, coffee, pie, coffee, strudel, coffee, danish buns, coffee, ice cream, coffee, Slow Kids, coffee, substitute teachers, coffee, dance music, coffee, or her Tech/Engineering class. Did I mention coffee?

Water The Flowers is your problem, huh?[edit | edit source]

Excuse her language. She goes to school ^^

*silence*[edit | edit source]

Chicablog has gone to lala land. Wait 30 minutes before trying to get her back. Her methods of revenge are very violent. Ask the Chicken Nugget. He *still* has nightmares =P