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Part 1/10

"The Beginning"

Forty nights had passed since you ate my elbow. A solid forty nights. All was well and quiet at my home on the banana. The door piano rang. It was the elbow farmer. He had my elbow and some pasta, this he had made from elbows. Wet from the rain, what a stormy night it was, I invited him in. His long tan trenchcoat melted on the coatrack, into a puddle with the desk I had eaten earlier. He talked at length about the elbow replacement until suddenly he was struck by a passing meteor charged with all the powers of evil, killing him instantly. I served him tea, and he told me of a magical land where rabbits can fly and poo $20,000 bills when you kill them and green blood goes spurting psssssshhhh in slow motion.
I asked where I might find this land, and without a word, he dropped a pamphlet on the table, drank his coat, and left. The letters across the pamphlet could only spell one thing unless of course you rearranged them, and that was 'Disneyland'. I'd hit a dead end. The lead was no good. Everyone knows flying-money-poo-rabbits will burn if they enter Disneyland. Rats.

I still remember the day you ate my elbow. You had caught me behind the shed with that dirty hoe. I tried to explain, but you would have none of it. That's when I lost my elbow. Before I could blink, you packed your bags and were out the door. I begged and pleaded, even baked you a mongoose cream pie, your favorite, but not even the Silent Penguin could stop you from getting out that door. Always were a stubborn one.
As I watched you and that monkey chauffeur drive away (why you hired that damn dirty ape, I'll never know), I began to wonder why my pants were wet, and how I'd get another elbow.