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Yoda was a Welshman, Yoda was light green
Yoda came to my house and spoke in OSV
I went to Yoda's house, Yoda was at home
I went into his kitchen and spoke in SVO.

Taffy was a rabbit, Taffy was a thief
Taffy came to my house and stole a lettuce leaf
I went to Taffy's house, Taffy wasn't there
And then a six-foot rabbit appeared out of thin air.

So got out of there right quick I did, you know, since nobody'd stick around when they were after seeing a giant rabbit come out of nowhere like that, innit? I do declare, y'all, that was the cwningen fwyaf mawr I ever done seen in my whole entire bywyd. Even had trousers on, it did! Dyna beth dw i'n credu, o leiaf -- welais i ddim ohoni hi yn dda iawn, wrth gwrs.

Y dydd nesaf roeddwn i'n chwilio am rywbeth i fwyta i frecwast, ac fe sylwais i fod yr holl letys ar goll. I wasn't for getting lettuce for breakfast, of course, because ça serait ridicule iawn, mais je cadwais le lettuce dans l'oergell hefyd, felly je suis après remarquer the lack of lettuce right hawdd.