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Neqqa'avå Xyasz'ek Rítsaax ék V'váotu (neh-KA'AH-voh ex-yas-ZEK reet-SA-x EHK veh-VAO-too), translated as The Greater Galactic System of V'vaotoo (for translations other than English, make one up yourself) is one of three galaxies across the observable universe that is known to harbor predominantly unintelligent carbon-based life forms. Coordinates would be provided, but... no. Just no.



It's as if God has a knack for making things look like it endured the cancerous cacophony of Mardi Gras these days... I mean, does He just want to make confetti? Is that His dream job now? Is He the great Confetti Creator of the Universe that just wants to supply us with His majestic and mind-blowing confetti for all creation to enjoy?

In all honesty, V'vaotoo looks like an overkill prank gone awry on a stellar level. It was all intricately planned, and the reaction that you were gonna get out of the victim was going to be priceless! But the confetti you prepared for the prank was in massive quantities, so massive that they started accumulating under their own gravity and would proceed in creating this God-awful eyesore of a galaxy.


Nobody likes confetti, therefore... nobody likes V'vaotoo. Unless you're a harlequin that has to rely on the more intellectual members of your hedonistic and mindless society to do everything for you because you're a freaking harlequin.

Oh, wait! V'vaotoo's predominant group of carbon-based life forms (which is one of three) is the V'vaotian harlequin alien, located in some sordid and blidingly colorful planet whose name is far too scientific to even be pronounced!