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Herro its Fluffy Waffles supreme leada of you

Toodai i wil talk about di di di uhh...viners!

Viners are ignorant, conceited douchebags that explain everything that is wrong in this world.

They are a disgrace to humanity.

But, not all viners are complete a-holes.

There are some ACTUAL viners that entertain.

But the asshole viners include; Nash Grier (trash grier), Hayes Grier (Gayes Grier), and last but least Cameron Dallas!

VINERS are not good for humanity.

Most teenage girls worship these vine douchebags. They put them as their desktop background, the cover of their binders, and put them on their walls in which they most likely make love to it.

Girls might also refer viners as their boyfriends. Which there is not chance of that idea actually happening.

If you know anyone girls that have any of the above symptons, they have Vineingitis.