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“Sim-Simah. Who got da keys wannabemo? Who am I?”

“Nuh man, these wrist scars are just rubbed-in paint and vinegar”

A word stemming from Wannabe and Emo, Wannabemo kids are a common sight in many towns and cities across the world today. However, they mainly inhabit the world of Myspace and rarely stop taking artistic pictures of themselves for long enough to go outside. These kids have just recently hopped on the "emo train" as it were. They haven't managed to perfect the style yet and are in the early stages of experimentation with tight jeans and black hair. Most cannot apply eye liner with the efficiency of their Emo elders. Many of them have a LiveJournal with mismatching customised colours and occasionally a fake lip ring. To recognise a wannabemo AIM name they will often over-use the emo classics such as {namehere} **Xo{Namehere}oX**, though many will soon realise the errors of their ways.