Well I Never...

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Osh: Well I never…

Ush: Yes you did

Osh: I think that you'll find that that is incorrect

Ush: Right...

Osh: You know why I love English?

Ush: No. Why?

Osh: "All the faith he had had had had no effect on the outcome of his life" the fact that that sentence makes perfect sense

Ush: Riiight…

Osh: Hey Ush?

Ush: Yes

Osh: Why are you such a cynic?

Ush: No clue

Osh: You don't have many clues

Ush: Yeah…

Osh: Hello

Ush: You've already said hello and we've been talking for quite a while now

Osh: Well

Osh: Nobody loves you

Ush [with undertones of sarcasm]: That really hurts my feelings

Ish: And so the cake said "Let them eat cake!" and then he screamed, realizing that he was a cake and now everyone was trying to eat him

Osh: …

Ush: …