Well worn draft of a letter I sent in the other day and returned the wrong way round

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Come up then where I can see you

Lettea in that box there. Its not as frozen as a made it out to me! Said I dad?

He was a creat. He creat alight!! hehha

Created sore bellows out of brimstone and witch. Not nice ending but frozen at that. Made it out to be long but it wasn't long

it was really short but still hard to p[prize out with that ice and frost around it?>

i would put an emoticon here but my mind is femuzzled by the technology theses days

would have gone that was but ended the fiction right here.

Not long up the swon

Treated a frosty./ the text is okay. creeps me out.

The font was made to look froze..

It doesn't look good to me the "text fonts " as you call them. I don't like them The way the convey meaning is far beyond anything I have seen

I will not moan but it was. I well worn man of a sock.