What dogs do when you're out

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Scientists from the Canine University have put together clue leading them to 3 theories of what dogs do when you're out.

  • The first theory is that the dog dresses in a tuxedo and top hat then walks around on two feet, he then drinks tea reads overly complicated books, he also invites other dogs to talk about how intelligent they are compared to humans.
  • The second theory is that the dog is a secret agent that fights crime and evil doers but arrives home before you do.
  • The third theory is one that most scientists, from the university agree with. The dog gathers all the rats and squirrels in the house and then reenacts Grease with them, and very rarely they high school musical.

Even though the facts add up people refuse to accept this idea, saying that all that dogs do is nothing, which is just stupid. Such a sad world we live in.